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‘Since taking the oil my sciatica has gone which would cause me great pain due to an operation i had several years back on my hip. It has also helped with my anxiety which i hardly suffer from any more. Highly recommended. I have not been taking the oil for 3 days as I have run out. I have noticed pain creeping back in, feeling quite achy, and very tired, something I have not felt since taking the oil for over 2 years. I have to add I have been taking different oil over that time, but I must admit yours is the best by far.’

Katy - takes the oil every day

‘I had a knee replacement and struggled to bend down to do my shoe laces up. Since i have been taking the oil i am now able to bend down and do my shoe laces up with great joy :). I also suffered with referred hip pain which has now gone.’

George - 82 years old, takes the oil every day

'I can't really recommend this oil enough. For years I've suffered with anxiety and have always declined all the nasty chemicals my doctor has offered me to treat it. I started taking this CBD oil last week, and I can't quite believe how much it seems to have reduced my anxiety. My sleep has also improved and my mental chatter has lessened considerably. I'm over the moon and so, so happy I have found this wonderful product that is totally natural.'


'Finally a CBD OIL you can trust that is made properly! Thank you guys for bringing this to the market. After ordering from you for the fourth time I knew you deserve a review. Keep up the good work, my arthritic pain is practically gone.'
Merry, FB review

'This is a fantastic product. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and noticed the difference immediately. I became much more relaxed and slept more deeply. I started off with a very small dose because I have a pacemaker and didn't want my blood pressure to drop too low. I have now increased my dose to 3 drops daily and people that know me have noticed a difference. Despite having a major trauma in my life at the moment (my friend of 54 years had an accident and suffered major brain damage as well as other physical things e.g. fractured skull, punctured lung, broken ribs etc.) Nobody can believe how calmly I dealt with this news, including me!!! This particular brand of CBD oil is going to be used by my friends because of its non-commercial production, which is far superior. One in particular tried a few drops and became so chilled and felt amazing. Thank you for introducing me to such wonderful benefits from a most powerful product.'

'I started using CBD oil in January for general well-being and peri menopausal symptoms. Initially I used a local guy whose oil was ok but tasted and appeared to be of mass production. I came across FeelGood Essentials on Instagram and decided to try this instead. I have now been using the oil since April and must say its been a game changer. My anxiety levels have improved but mostly I have noticed a complete change in my thinking in terms of worrying, I feel much calmer. The oil tastes really pure and not synthesised in any way. The service has been amazing, I order oil one day and its delivered the next. 5 star service and 5 star oil.'


I was suffering from long standing migraines due to hormonal imbalance. Taking CBD oil for one month greatly regulated this problem and the migraines disappeared. Therefore, I highly recommend CBD oil to all women who go through hormonal ups and downs.'

‘My hair has started to grow back, amazing.’

Andy, takes the oil every day

‘I take the oil first thing in the morning, it gives me an instant boost and instantly makes me feel more awake, and ready for the day ahead of me.’

June, takes the oil every day

‘My daughter who has Autism has suffered greatly with stimming, and had trouble with her speech. Since taking the oil her speech has come on leaps and bounds and her stimming has reduced dramatically. So much in fact her social worker commented on how calm she was.’

Darcy - 8 years old (mother’s review), takes the oil every day

'Genuinely the best CBD on the market. I've tried a wide variety of CBD oils and always hated the taste, never found any real positive effects until I came across Feelgood Essentials. From the black glass bottle, to the organic, full spectrum nature of this CBD, through and through - it's amazing. It's helped me with my anxiety, my drive, my rationality and my general steadiness in life. I can't recommend it enough.'


'I have been taking CBD oil now for the past 4 months and I can honestly say that I sleep between 7 to 8 hours a night. I used to sleep about 3 hours a night ever since In started my menopause 15 years ago, but my sleep has improved, and I also suffer from osteoarthritis in my hands and nused to experience digging pains, but since taking the CBD oil, I have not experienced any pains. It's just amazing and a life changer. I have a daughter with Down's syndrome who for years suffered with extreme period pains, and she too, takes the CBD oil and she has no more period pains. It’s just amazing.'


I’ve been using CBD for several months and tried ones from different sellers. This has been the best at getting results. Even though the strength is supposedly lower than other brands, the results have been better and more consistent. Each order has been consistently good, with quick delivery. Happy with this.

'This oil is amazing! Xmas was great, no knee pain! I'm honestly astonished at how well it's worked'

’I'd recommend CBD Oil to anyone suffering from chronic anxiety, particular when it manifests in stomach-pain. It seems to soothe the inflammation in the stomach almost instantly!’

'I'm impressed with this product as I suffer with Menopause based nausea and menupause stomach pains and damaged L5 Disc in my back. It has eased off within the two days since starting the oil after suffering for the last 5 years.'

'I’ve been using your oil for a few months now and can see such great benefits. It’s consistently high quality (others I’ve used in the past have been variable), delivery is quick and if I run out I really notice the difference in pain and sleep quality. Really great oil thanks so much.'

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